Ojooo 100 Refs! Finally!

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So, this is my Ojooo update. I finally reached 100 rented referrals and let me tell you, it’s pretty sweet. I did it through my own clicks and no invested cash.  It took me a loooong time and it feels like a real personal victory.


Which it really is…a personal victory. Yaaay for me!

I earn about  $0.65 cents per day from my precious Read more

Ojooo Review by LovelyLanie

September 7, 2015 by · Comments Off on Ojooo Review by LovelyLanie
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One of my top favorite ptc that I click each day is Ojooo. I know they got a weird name, but they’re from Europe so what do you expect? (kidding!)

Ojooo is not a scam site. How do I know? My first clue is that they have been around since 2010. They are also owned and operated by an older company that offers many other products that include an e-mail service, games, domains, articles to read…on and on, etc, etc.When you look into Ojooo they appear to be quite boundless.

Anyway, the Ojooo Watching Ad is very satisfying for me. I am currently a free member, have 3 direct referrals and 40 rented referrals. My daily earnings are somewhere around 25 cents. I have been using this money Read more

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    Earn Money Posting in Forums
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