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One of my top favorite ptc that I click each day is Ojooo. I know they got a weird name, but they’re from Europe so what do you expect? (kidding!)

Ojooo is not a scam site. How do I know? My first clue is that they have been around since 2010. They are also owned and operated by an older company that offers many other products that include an e-mail service, games, domains, articles to read…on and on, etc, etc.When you look into Ojooo they appear to be quite boundless.

Anyway, the Ojooo Watching Ad is very satisfying for me. I am currently a free member, have 3 direct referrals and 40 rented referrals. My daily earnings are somewhere around 25 cents. I have been using this money to accumulate RR. I have not invested even one penny yet but that is part of my plan here.

I will keep taking my daily earnings and investing in RR untiI have maximum amount of refs for free members, which is 100 and I’m almost there.Once I reach that point I will see how my earnings add up over one or two weeks and do my first cash out.

If all of this proves to be in good order, I will take the plunge and upgrade my account. Ojooo upgrade prices are very reasonable. I am interested in a yearly premium for $39, which will allow me to have up to 300 rented refs. After a year, we will see how much profit I earn.

Of course I will publish an update on my experiences as soon as this all happens, which shouldn’t be too much longer.

I am quite hopeful for this site. Although I am slow and cautious as to where I spend my time and money, I really have my eye on Ojooo and it appears to be good so far. Many other people are quite successful here and are earning hundreds per month, but they are not as slow and cautious as I am; they choose to spend and invest quickly but then they do reap the good benefits for their good faith.

So come and join me at Ojooo Wad. The earnings are realistic and solid from an old trusted company. Click the banner, don’t be shy!

See you there and I wish you happy earnings,

Peace Out.

LovelyLanie a.k.a. Lanie Robinson


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