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I first joined Hubpages back in 2012. I wrote a few articles and then ditched my account for well over one year. Mostly because I’ve been quite busy but also out of pure laziness. Despite this, I really like Hubpages because they offer a platform for just about anybody that knows anything about any subject to have their voice heard.

Anyway, this morning I had a few extra minutes before I had to leave for my evening shift at the grocery store. I decided to use my time to check in on my HP account.

I noticed right away that some of my articles had broken links or were not being featured. No big surprise there – I had not been paying attention or maintaining these articles for a long time.

Then I clicked over to the earnings page and adjusted the settings to show my all time earnings from the beginning of my account. I scrolled through and noted that I have been earning a few pennies every day. My balance is almost $19!


I was pretty surprised by this and a bit excited. What if I actually start to update and promote my work at Hubpages? Can it be lucrative enough to bother? It wouldn’t take much extra effort to promote them a little bit, like on my social media sites and plug a few articles into SocialAdr. Maybe I can even grow a decent passive income out of it. I know that many of the current HP members certainly do.

I just booked a week off of work and so I will use some of my extra time to explore this option in more depth. In the meantime, you can read some of my work at Hubpages HERE.

Go check them out and if you have an account there, leave a link or whatever and I promise to go and have a look at some of your writings. In the meantime, I wish you all happy earnings.

Peace Out.
Your Friend in Earnings, LovelyLanie


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