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Without explanation but with much warning, CashNHits is officially gone. I’m very sad about this because they were a trusted and paying site for many users and for quite a few years. Of course it comes as no big surprise. Their cash out page has been disabled for the last 3 months or so, since October of 2015. Still, I kept my eye on them, not doing anymore clicking and just logging in to look around every so often.

The daily news reported at one point that the cash out page would be re-opened. Indeed, it was and so I quickly requested payment of the $6.40 that is due to me. Very shortly thereafter, within a day or so the cashout page was once again disabled.

Sadly, I never received my money and they are no longer online.

Still, I am hoping that CNH will recover. The reason I say this is because just the other day I was surfing on one of my other sites and came across this message:

“Hi all CashnHits was hacked couple of days ago and we will try to get it back by this weekend. Also will be posting more news about the site etc as we have not been able to give updates for past many days. Apologies for the issues.”

Just that…written on a blank white page.

What does this mean? Is there truly a chance they will return? Will I yet receive my $6.40?

I really hope so as the legitimate and honest PTC are few and far between and CashnHits was (is?) one of my best bets for success.

I will keep you updated as soon as I find any information.

In the meantime, happy earnings to all!

Peace Out,


And so, CashNHits is officially online! They came back a few days ago as I had hoped they would. Of course, many of the users pulled their ads and so there is not much going on there at the moment. I really think that most folks, as am I, are waiting for payment or something that proves CNH is still to be trusted. Personally I have much faith in them even at this critical point in time. And why not? Why would they bother to spend the time and money to come back if they were only planning on scamming its users in any way?

They even have new banners, one of which I have placed below for your own use and enjoyment dear reader. Come join me at this amazing site and participate in its fantastic rebound.


I tried to look into my account just now and it looks like CashNHits is gone again…Che Sera Sera….Just sayin’.

I am still keeping my eye on Cashnhits. This is their latest message posted when you go to their site:
“Hi all, we are having some hack issues again and trying to fix it. Though I am also travelling to my home Country and have limited internet access 🙁 But I will try to get the site back soon. I have one good news. Minutestaff finally agreed to make the payment and we will release MS earnings of the members. The payment should be made in this week. Thank you again for yor patience.”

I will continue to check in on this site regularly. I do have patience, don’t I?


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