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March 6, 2016 by
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Now that I am done building up my Ojooo account, I am ready to work on my Twickerz. My strategy always is to use my earnings within the site and rent referrals up to the maximum allowed as a free member. Then I use my earnings from another source to pay for an upgrade.

Currently I have 100 rented referrals on Twickerz. I don’t want to wait anymore so I will use $10 from Neobux to get up the maximum 150 RR next week.

Then I will monitor the results. I have a little more hope for Twickerz than I did for Ojooo because I see a lot of payment proofs posted in their forum each day. When I researched them online there were positive reviews, as opposed to Ojooo, where I saw a lot of negative posts. (But at the moment I love Ojooo because they paid me…it took a long time, but I got my money)

Currently, Twickerz has been experiencing the old PayPal issue that seems to be the kiss of death for most Paid to Click sites, but they seem to be as strong as ever. In my opinion, if a site can’t continue on or exist even without PayPal, then it is probably best to avoid these places anyway. There are so many other payment processors that you can use anyway without the worry and drama that PayPal seems to leave in their wake.

I will update this article as soon as I have some results to report, good or bad. If you want, you can click on the banner and find out for yourself what Twickerz is all about. In the very least, you can earn around .75 cents per day as a free member with maximum referrals…as has been my personal experience.

I wish you all happy earnings!

Peace Out,


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