Beware of False Promises

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If you plan on doing PTC and are in for the long run, you need to become somewhat immune to the lure of fast money. One thing I’ve had to deal with over the years of clicking literally thousands of ads are the ‘promises of instant riches’ I see everywhere. You will know them immediately – they flash, have glamorous pictures of women, cars and mansions. For a small access fee or more information just give your e-mail or credit card number…

Don’t Do It! Do Not Be Fooled!

Unless if you are almost 100% confident in the product being offered never give your personal information out to every Tom, Dick or Harry on the internet. You need to learn to ignore the false promises of overnight riches.

Of course, I’m kind of shooting myself in the foot when I say this, because these are the very same offers that are paying you to look at their ads in the hopes of gaining new clients, and without them we would have no ads to click.

In other words it is the scams that are driving a lot of the business in PTC.

Remember though, just because they are paying you, you are under no obligation to take any of them too seriously, especially for one tenth of a penny,right?

But also, don’t get me wrong – some of these are legitimate and can deliver what they are offering, but I can almost guarantee 100% – There Is No Such Thing As Instant Riches. You must work hard for your money and invest your time.

Anyway my main point is to not get suckered into the get rich quick schemes. You will most certainly lose your money and most likely lose hope and quit trying to earn anything at all.

They key to earning is to have a plan and stick to it, don’t get side tracked…

And don’t quit your day job.

I wish you all Happy Earnings.


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