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I first joined Hubpages back in 2012. I wrote a few articles and then ditched my account for well over one year. Mostly because I’ve been quite busy but also out of pure laziness. Despite this, I really like Hubpages because they offer a platform for just about anybody that knows anything about any subject to have their voice heard.

Anyway, this morning I had a few extra minutes before Read more

My Latest Ojooo Review

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I have been building up my Ojooo account for quite some time now. All I did was log in, click on the most valuable ads at the bottom of the available list and the fixed ads and be done within a few minutes. I used all of my earnings to rent referrals until I had the maximum number allowed that I could possibly get as a standard member (which happened to be 100).

At this point I was earning $0.65 cents per day and so I decided to Read more

CashNHits Gone

January 10, 2016 by · Comments Off on CashNHits Gone
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Without explanation but with much warning, CashNHits is officially gone. I’m very sad about this because they were a trusted and paying site for many users and for quite a few years. Of course it comes as no big surprise. Their cash out page has been Read more

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