AdPageViews Closing

June 25, 2015 by · Comments Off on AdPageViews Closing
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I went to login to my AdPageViews account this morning, and was unfortunate enough to have an official announcement on my home page. They are closing down because of the heavy workload and are no longer willing to put in the necessary effort to keep up the site.


I am very disappointed, as AdPageViews was full of potential for me and so many other people. I had just started there and I was up to 30 rented referrals – and my earnings were easily 20 cents or so per day. These are very good earnings for very little effort and I wasn’t even upgraded yet! I’m not the only one who is upset, as I went online and found many forums full of folks who were upset, but in a good way.


It is apparent that people are to receive a final payout Read more

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    Earn Money Posting in Forums
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