Beware of False Promises

May 11, 2016 by · Comments Off on Beware of False Promises
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If you plan on doing PTC and are in for the long run, you need to become somewhat immune to the lure of fast money. One thing I’ve had to deal with over the years of clicking literally thousands of ads are the ‘promises of instant riches’ I see everywhere. You will know them immediately – they flash, have glamorous pictures of women, cars and mansions. For a small access fee or more information just give your e-mail or credit card number…

Don’t Do It! Do Not Be Fooled! Read more

Building My Twickerz Account

March 6, 2016 by · Comments Off on Building My Twickerz Account
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Now that I am done building up my Ojooo account, I am ready to work on my Twickerz. My strategy always is to use my earnings within the site and rent referrals up to the maximum allowed as a free member. Then I use my earnings from another source to pay for an upgrade.

Currently I have 100 rented referrals on Twickerz. I don’t want to wait anymore so I will use $10 from Neobux Read more


January 26, 2016 by · Comments Off on HubPages
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I first joined Hubpages back in 2012. I wrote a few articles and then ditched my account for well over one year. Mostly because I’ve been quite busy but also out of pure laziness. Despite this, I really like Hubpages because they offer a platform for just about anybody that knows anything about any subject to have their voice heard.

Anyway, this morning I had a few extra minutes before Read more

My Latest Ojooo Review

January 20, 2016 by · Comments Off on My Latest Ojooo Review
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I have been building up my Ojooo account for quite some time now. All I did was log in, click on the most valuable ads at the bottom of the available list and the fixed ads and be done within a few minutes. I used all of my earnings to rent referrals until I had the maximum number allowed that I could possibly get as a standard member (which happened to be 100).

At this point I was earning $0.65 cents per day and so I decided to Read more

CashNHits Gone

January 10, 2016 by · Comments Off on CashNHits Gone
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Without explanation but with much warning, CashNHits is officially gone. I’m very sad about this because they were a trusted and paying site for many users and for quite a few years. Of course it comes as no big surprise. Their cash out page has been Read more

Clixsense 2nd Payment

December 4, 2015 by · Comments Off on Clixsense 2nd Payment
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I received my second ever Clixsense payment a few days ago. The first one was by check in the mail but this second one was put into my Paypal account. It was a whopping $8.40. Not so bad if you consider that I’m a Standard member there.

As good and reliable as Clixsense is, I have Read more

Ojooo 100 Refs! Finally!

November 15, 2015 by · Comments Off on Ojooo 100 Refs! Finally!
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So, this is my Ojooo update. I finally reached 100 rented referrals and let me tell you, it’s pretty sweet. I did it through my own clicks and no invested cash.  It took me a loooong time and it feels like a real personal victory.


Which it really is…a personal victory. Yaaay for me!

I earn about  $0.65 cents per day from my precious Read more

No Dream Jobs Here

October 30, 2015 by · Comments Off on No Dream Jobs Here
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I was just browsing around through my past posts and I noticed that I was yammering about getting a new job.

It didn’t happen. I’m still at my old cashier job. And it’s not such a bad thing. Let me explain.

First of all, I really did look around for a new work place. I’m still getting e-mails from Workopolis and such places that send me updates on new positions needing to be filled. The thing is that Read more

Ojooo Review by LovelyLanie

September 7, 2015 by · Comments Off on Ojooo Review by LovelyLanie
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One of my top favorite ptc that I click each day is Ojooo. I know they got a weird name, but they’re from Europe so what do you expect? (kidding!)

Ojooo is not a scam site. How do I know? My first clue is that they have been around since 2010. They are also owned and operated by an older company that offers many other products that include an e-mail service, games, domains, articles to read…on and on, etc, etc.When you look into Ojooo they appear to be quite boundless.

Anyway, the Ojooo Watching Ad is very satisfying for me. I am currently a free member, have 3 direct referrals and 40 rented referrals. My daily earnings are somewhere around 25 cents. I have been using this money Read more

Clixsense Payment

August 20, 2015 by · Comments Off on Clixsense Payment
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Clixsense pays! I received my first payment from them today by check in the mail, a total of $10.26. This is the one ptc site I know of that does this. Clixsense will send your first payment by check so that they can verify your identity; you are who you say you are and you live where you say you live. I like that they do this, as it cuts down on fraud and junk and makes it better for the rest of us honest people.

So on this check was a pin code Read more

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